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Hallo Visitor,

Here’s a bit of news regarding some possible futures.

Australia and America are both beckoning with talk of a collaboration with Woodford Folk Festival involving visual spectacle and puppetry on a massive scale and perhaps a trip to New York with some life-size puppet elephants.

There’s talk of giant babies being born in London and maybe some more colourful children-eating monsters and creatures a bit closer to home.

We’ve also started building another yurt which will hopefully prove even more extraordinary than the first.

A second book is creeping along the pipeline very slowly between other projects, sometimes the best things can take a while to achieve. Watch this space.

I’ve added some new footage on the video clips page of this website, including a clip from a recent television programme which visited the yurt and a glimpse of our latest giant puppet “Finn” in Warrenpoint.

Check out the enchanted forest installation in Dublin’s Wax Museum Plus, a sculpted environment unlike any other, bathed in ultra-violet light. (photos and video to follow)

Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to view my work. As for me, I guess it’s back to the drawing board!

Francis Morgan

September 2017


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