Francis Morgan : Thanks, Credits & Links



I owe credit to some great people I am lucky enough to have worked with:

Billie Rudgyard, Franci Morgan, Paddy Morgan, Pauline Morgan, Brenda Morgan, Manuel Curoe, Stephen Aspley, Gerry McCarroll, Fra Martin, Margot Leith, Teddy Geber, Dearbhla McNally, Eileen Brannagh, Phillip Goss, Christina Horne, Mandy Blinco, Jonny Boyd, Jim Skin, Ted, Feef & Ernie, Sherry Scott-Keegan, Darren Fee, Lucy Fur, Gail, Aardvark, Joleen, Wesley, Jackson, Hugh, Jasm, TC, Cat, Michael McNulty, Paddy McComiskey, danny Murphy...

the list is endless...


Special thanks to my family and friends and anyone who’s been involved in the past
the list is also endless.


If there is anyone I’ve forgot please remind me.....


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Photo Credits

Emma Wallace
Christine Jones
Billie Rudgyard
Teddy Geber
Tracey McCooey
Lawrence McIlinden
Ailsa Watts
Norma Burrows
Thomas Finnegan
Vijay Bateson
Liz Pugh
Gerard Fitzpatrick
Dara Munnis (Kila Photos)

Web Design Credit

Alun Kane